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Muhammad Sarhan Office for Soil & Material Testing (MST) was established in 2014 in Dammam – K.S.A. MST provides specialized consulting services in the fields of Site & Geotechnical Investigations, Materials Technology and Testing, Quality Control of Projects, Grouting, Cavity Probing, Micropilling & Dewatering. The services of MST can be provided in all phases of design and construction of projects. These services may be tailored according to the needs of the project and its owner and can be provided either individually or as a complete package.
Ever since MST was founded in 2014, the founders were determined and committed to provide the best possible level of technical services. Subsequently, MST went full speed ahead to establish itself in the Saudi market and became known for its distinct and special services. This development and good reputation has given MST impetus to grow both vertically and horizontally to establish itself among the leading consulting firms in the Kingdom. MST is equipped with staff of highly qualified and experienced professional engineers and geologists in addition to highly skilled and trained laboratory technicians and drillers.


MST offer wide range of Geotechincal and Material services to its clients depending upon their needs. The scope of our services varies depending upon the Nature and Magnitude of the Projects. The Services offered by MST are Following:


  • 1 - Site & Geotechnical Investigation.
  • 2 - Material Technology & Testing
  • 3 - Quality Control of Projects at Site
  • 4 - Grouting
  • 5 - Cavity Probing.
  • 6 - Micro Pilling
  • 7 - Onsite Testing & Sampling.


our work


Quality Control of Projects

The quality control of projects department is one of the largest departments of MST. MST has implemented quality control programs for major residential, commercial & industrial projects. MST maintains several sets of laboratory equipment in order to establish site laboratories whenever requested.

The scope of services of quality control of projects department are:

Design and implementation of quality control programs for construction projects.

Supply testing equipment and manage site laboratories.

On site materials testing.

Prepare periodic quality control reports.

Design and implementation of quality control programs for manufacturing facilities.

Calibration of asphalt and concrete batch plants.

Evaluate and assess the level of materials quality for projects utilizing statistical evaluation techniques.

Prepare technical specifications for materials.